What can I build?

That depends what jurisdiction your property falls under. There are a few questions to ask yourself.

Are you on sovereign waters? (Indian River, Banana River, Parts of Sykes Creek, Snug Harbor ect…) Click here for more info.

Are you on a man made canal or artificial body of water? If you are within your city limits rules and regulations vary widely, please contact us for further information.

If you are in the County and NOT on sovereign waters there are some basic guidelines for more information. You can project 20% of your platted canal width (this includes the width of any vessel moored at the proposed structure). The other requirements include:

  • 7.5ft setback from your extended property lines
  • Decking square footage not to exceed 400sqft
  • Roof square footage not to exceed 500sqft
  • Overall square footage not to exceed 600sqft

Remember, these are basic guidelines, but we are here to help you! Please contact Waterfront Solutions and we can help you determine the guidelines for your location.

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