At Waterfront Solutions our designers utilize their experience, their engineering know how and the latest technology in seawall design to create a long lasting seawall.

Whether you are looking for a seawall made of Interlocking Vinyl panels, wood timbers or coquina rip-rap, Waterfront Solutions does it all – and does it better than anyone.

Coquina Rip-Rap
▪ Attractive, asethetically pleasing
▪ Environmentally friendly
▪ Preferred by government agencies in environmentally sensitive areas

Vinyl Seawalls
▪ Made of structural vinyl
▪ Impervious to salt water
▪ Impervious to marine border infestation
▪ Unaffected by rust, virtually maintenace free
▪ Lifetime warranty

Wood Seawalls
▪ Durable, long lasting, cost-effective structures
▪ Constructed with 2.50 CCA pressure-treated lumber
▪ Resistant to saltwater environment
▪ Have authentic nautical look